So I was going to just update the old post when I got this, but since it's two posts back now, and it's giving me a chance to post the reversed Sludge King image I made last night, I figured I'd throw up a new post to link to the first Sludge King mix. Got the link from the awesomely named winniecooper.net. I'm definitely have to spend some time looking around there, based on name alone.

Can't wait till I finish the real Sludge King vs. Bearface! piece, and can share that with you. It might take me a bit to find the time (and the skills) to make it look how I want though, so don't hold your breath!
The funny thing about me linking to a metal right now? I'm listening to this Owen album right now, that just came in the mail recently.Very not metal. Can't wait for the second half of our shipment to come, which will have this, and this (which is a definite top 5 album for me, I've come to realize).

Also awesome is that they all came with mp3 copies of the albums too. I haven't had copies of either of the Owen albums in forever as I lost them off a computer, and lost the disc I burned of them. But I also just think that giving away mp3's of albums when people buy the vinyl is pretty much the best idea ever. I would think that most people who buy new vinyl also listen to mp3's, so since they've already bought the album, and can't easily rip it as they could a cd, why not give them a digital copy? Saves them having to choose between one or the other (or one, and pirated copies of the other).
So you know how I was saying that I often skim packaging blogs, 'cause they often deal with wine labels and the like, that I don't really care about? Well, okay, sometimes I do like some of those wine labels, and this is one of those times. Really nice looking. Cute. Nice patterns. Almost makes me want to drink wine.
Painted ukulele's? Makes me want to learn to play even more! (from Drawn!)
R2D2 boombox? YES PLEASE! Looks like there's some other nice stuff in that exhibit, but seriously, R2.
Don't forget that No Festival starts tomorrow night at the Starlight. While all of the shows are going to be awesome, I have to admit that this is the one I am most excited for. BA, Racoon Wedding, Ben, others, 130 King. It's going to be ridiculous. I haven't seen any of the artists in awhile, or been to 130. I will probably party so hard, I will not be able to attend any of the other shows. It's a sad fate, but likely a true one. Don't miss out.

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Sherri said...

I would drink that wine just for the name alone!