I have had 7 rolls of film kicking around in a shoebox for the past 9 or so years. I think at the time I took the pictures I was probably low on cash and figured I didn't need to spend it on developing the film. Over the years I'd look at them from time to time and think I should do something with them, but I never did, for reasons ranging from money to 'just where do you take film now anyway?' to laziness.
I finally took them in, and sadly only got about 3 rolls worth of stuff. I guess maybe if I hadn't let them sit so long, they would have been better off... Oh well, at least I got something. They're not the most exciting pictures in the world, but it's kind of neat to see them, lost for all this time.

That's me up above, taken sometime in the past, with an action sampler. I'd put it at about 2000-2001-ish, considering the hat, and the fact that I'm wearing contacts. Yes, I am playing hacky sack.

I'm sure you'll see more of these soon.
New add to my google reader: Someone Else Will Put it Back. Love it. I never understand why people can't just put things back where they go. Especially things that will spoil if left out of a cooler. I do enjoy when the places things end up are especially weird though.

Related to this, I think my biggest shopping pet peeve may be people who leave empty coffee cups on store shelves. I saw this so much during the shopping season and I can't stand it. How hard is it to hold on to your cup, or put it in your cart, for just a few minutes longer? Ridiculous.
Want. House Industries x Herman Miller Japan blocks. Damn, nice work. The details! "Took us a while to sniff out the tiny brown kraft packing tape, but solving specky details like “tape scale” allows me to sleep at night." Seriously. You have to love that attention to detail. 

If you happen to be in Japan at all, please pick one of these up for me. Thanks!
Homeless guy with golden radio voice. Seriously, that title does not lie.

edit: started this post yesterday and Jenna just informed me that job offers are already coming in for that guy. Nice.
Love this ConverseXAce Hotel shoe. Good look.


suffragette said...

it's fun to look at old film and see yourself from years gone by - did you see the vivian maier thing that's going around?...here's a link: http://vivianmaier.blogspot.com/ - check out the little video from 'chicago tonight' it explains much of it - pretty cool.

Jon Johnson said...

Wow! I hadn't seen this yet! Thanks for sharing, her stuff is beautiful!