Finished that one last week for Andy Kim, who wrote such hits as 'Sugar Sugar' for The Archies. Fun poster to make for sure.
So there's all kind of buzz in the geek world about the 'leaked' new iphone. Gizmodo seems to have verified that it is real.

Every once in awhile I have pangs of regret over buying a BlackBerry instead of an iphone. Believe it or not, seeing these images makes me feel better, because if I had bought the current iphone, and then this model had dropped in a few months, I would have been so disappointed. This new version is so much nicer looking. More functional machine, less toy. Flat back over round is a huge improvement. The gizmodo article makes a reference to this harkening to classic Dieter Rams designs for Braun, which I definitely agree with, and appreciate. It's exactly what I thought of when I saw this shot. Now, when I move out of my BlackBerry in 3 years, if I move into whatever iphone they'll be on then (rather than whatever Google/Android product is out there), I'll be so happy if it's still in the vein of this new style.
Speaking of things that I would like, as we often are, check out this minifig crank flashlight. This is SO CUTE. And AWESOME. Totally can't justify the $32.90, but I really wish that I could This is one of my favourite things that I have seen in awhile. The fact that you crank his arm? Hilarious, clever, amazing, awesome.
Check out this interesting little article about the origin of the good Sriracha. I've tried others, definitely not as good. Informative. Tasty.
Rare Star Wars Images. Wow. Some really great candid stuff in there.
So you need a typeface. Clever. Funny.
Film guide prints Thursday. Still way too much stuff to do. Not looking forward to the next few days.


linds said...

The new iphone does look nice. I like the look so much better than the one out now. Almost (almost) makes me wanna switch.

Anonymous said...

Haste makes waste.......................................................