More new posters. Those in the know may notice that my posters of late are very Lost Type heavy. Loving their fonts. LOVING. A tip for you, if you're doing anything design-wise lately, check out Lost Type. Pay What You Can for awesome fonts. 

This Les Breastfeeders poster is possibly my raciest poster ever. Says a lot about my design preferences I think... 
In life news, Jenna just had her gall bladder out on Monday. Bit of a wrench in the gears of wedding prep, but she should be pretty good to go by the end of the month. That, the wedding, and some other factors are making this a wicked stressful time, but we'll get through it. And then we get to leave for 2 weeks, so that will be nice. I just have to plan the trip now!!


Two weeks ago I was asked to do a rush poster for a labour day club night at Starlight. Looking for a quick solution, I started thinking about what ideas come to mind when I think of labour. After I ruled out a poster involving babies, I moved on to unions. Union logos can be very iconic and meaningful, so I decided to take a stab at one for a fictional DJ union. There's still something about it that I wasn't completely satisfied with, but that doesn't change the fact that I want to slap it on everything.
Our wedding is less than a month away, which is pretty terrifying considering we still have a bunch of stuff we'd like to do for it. It's pretty exciting too though, as we'll get to share it with everyone there, and then I'll get to share all the little details we've created on here. Super proud of it all.
Speaking of our wedding, last weekend was my bachelor weekend. Marc, Shane and I headed up to Ottawa to visit the Beau's brewery, do some camping and play a little disc golf. Pretty perfect weekend. I wish Sean could have been there though.