Things have been pretty busy and exciting around here of late, but possibly the most exciting thing to happen for me this year (and I can say that safely because my wedding was last year) happens next week. Graphic designer, and the man behind Field Notes, Aaron Draplin, is coming to give his Tall Tales From a Large Man talk at the Princess Twin on Thursday April 26.

Way back in January or something I heard that he was going to a conference in Toronto that I had no reason to go to other than to see his talk. I got it in my head that maybe I could get him to come give a talk here in Waterloo while he was near by. I sent him a long-shot email, and he responded with an excited yes!

This is a guy whose body of work is awesome. A guy whose blog I've been reading for probably 8 years. A guy you want to come and see talk. It's going to be a great evening. Draplin's bringing a new all things Canada poster along with his other crazy merch, and a friend of mine is printing up some sweet letterpress Draplin-inspired swag for people who come out. Can't wait.

Words from the man himself: "Tall tales. Big words. Orange things. Big posters. Loose chatter. Laffs. Truth. DO NOT miss this!"

You can grab advance tickets here.


Just to keep people on here informed, other busy/exciting things in my life as of late:
- Sold my wares at Stitch 'n' Kitsch last weekend
- Designed a new flyer for the S'n'K winter show
- Designed and installed a window display at Bon Mot with the amazing Andrew Frazer
- Designed a new Blueprint cover
- Got featured in the first issue of Fuss
- Working on a new Bearface.ca with Chris Collins
- Brewed and drank some beer
- Currently printing my first custom wedding favour order

Pretty exciting times.