It's Valentine's day, so it's time for a semi-romantic blog post I've been meaning to post for awhile...

I have been a fan of Field Notes ever since Draplin first asked if anyone wanted to be on his "Sheet Team." He sent out a 3 pack, and I don't think I've used another notebook since. Jenna gets the aesthetic, but has been mildly critical of my notebook budget since the colours editions started coming out (bigger than some peoples', much smaller than others'). But that didn't stop her from claiming my copy of the adorable blue cover version when the "Just Below Zero" series came out.

Sadly, that notebook sat mostly unused, until we started wedding planning. Then she had it everywhere, and I couldn't have been happier.

On the day of our wedding Jenna and I had our 'first look' together in her parents backyard. Just us, and our two photographers. She looked amazing. Then I stood back and noticed that her dress had pockets! I knew they were cute on bridesmaid's dresses, but they're even cuter on a bride!

And then she pulled her hands out of her pockets to proudly show me her little blue Field Notes.

That's my girl.