Cambridge Galleries complements the Seth exhibitions at Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery" when I got really excited. It turned out to be even more exciting than I thought.

So yes, the amazing comic artist/illustrator/designer/letterer Seth does have work on exhibit at the KWAG (which I really should have known from their ad in the film guide). But then I found he also has work on exhibit at Render at UW (love the tagline "In the dull grey building on the other side of the tracks." Perfect for a gallery in that setting), and it sounds even better than what's at the KWAG. Awesome, right?

BUT THEN, things got even better when I saw this: Seth in Conversation with Chris Ware, in Cambridge! Chris Ware is pretty much the shit, and since, as far as I know, they're actually friends, it should be pretty great to see.

Jenna's timing on sending me that article was pretty much perfect, since it turns out that conversation is this Saturday. This is totally the kind of thing I only hear about afterward, but this time I'm actually going to get to see it (as long as I get there in time to get a seat!)!

Combine that with visiting the exhibit at the Cambridge gallery that the Record article was actually about which sounds pretty awesome, hopefully visiting the new Hespeler library in Cambridge that I'm itching to check out, catching Woodhands at the Starlight later, and then Marc & Kyle's music video DJ night at the bond after that, and Saturday is fixin' to be a pretty amazing day.