Even more excited for disc golf now after I spent a good chunk of time yesterday working on the colours for the image above to go on the front of the shirt, and the design for the back. Pretty happy with how it is turning out. I hope other people like it! I love seeing people wearing last year's. I can't decide if July 12th is now "only 2 weeks away" or "still 2 weeks away." I guess I also can't decide between being an optimist and a pessimist (or realist as Jenna might say...).
Time to clean out the collection of things Coudal has posted recently that I've kept unread for one reason or another...

Original Pac-Man sketches. Neat!

The Evolution of the Hipster 2000-2009. I have the star tattoo's to prove my connection to the 2000-2001 Emo and Emo Redux eras, and apparently am now stuck in 2006 with the mountain man. Glad I never fell for the Ashton...

Movie poster font quiz on Mental Floss. I got 100%. This one is way easier than others as it lists all the titles that will come up. I didn't realize that until title 3... (I went back & changed one after I realized it...)

USB Typewriter. Great concept.

Subway slide. Awesome.

Alt/1977. Clever fake ads. Extremely well designed. Extremely. I want that pocket hi-fi.

Thomas Allen pulp paperbacks. I have seen these before, but don't think I've shared them on here. They are amazing.

George Lucas 1983 & 2005. Or, why the second Star Wars trilogy sucked.

A history of musicians who have demanded that Republican's stop playing their songs. David Byrne, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN? Why did the republicans ever think these people would be on board?

Lego Printer. Neat!


Apparently these have found their way out to invitees now, so I feel okay posting them here now. This is a wedding invitation that I put together recently for a friend of Celene's. Pretty happy with it. It's taking place at a family cottage/boathouse, so I thought it might be good to highlight the location. The picture is one the bride sent me of the location that I tweaked a little. The bird in the chair/bird image is based on the bird in the picture, and I gave the image a distressed look so it has a more personal/diy feel to it, like the bride and groom stamped each one themselves. It's not the invitation that I would make for my own wedding, but I think it suits the location well, and the bride seems very happy with it, so I'm happy.

The rsvp echoes the back of the invite:
I haven't done much of it, but I've really liked doing wedding related design, so if you know someone who's looking to get some invitations created for them, I would likely be interested! As long as they're looking for something at least a little different from normal that is...


A quick trip to the Criterion site today resulted, not surprisingly, in me looking at some very pretty dvd covers for a bit. Here are some highlights.

Stagecoach - I love pretty much everything about this cover. The colours are perfect. It's playful but not too playful, and the Criterion logo looks deliberately slightly offset to connote an older, imperfect printing style, which is a nice touch. Even though I've never seen this movie, I would put a poster version of this (sans the Criterion bar on the left) up on my walls for sure. It also makes me want to see the movie.

Make Way For Tomorrow - A Criterion cover by Seth? Awesome. If you have Seth create your book or dvd cover, I will want to consume the material inside. That's a sad but true fact. I take it as his personal endorsement. Should I?

Night Train to Munich - Like a vintage travel poster, but with terrifying action, and a subtle swastika. I wonder if this was created just for this cover, or was an original poster? Either way, I am impressed.

Two-Lane Blacktop - I know nothing about this film, but this cover, and the fact that it's a part of the collection, makes me want to see it. There's a whole lot of bad-ass going on on there. Okay, I just read the description, and now I definitely want to see it... Wow, Richard Linklater's Ten Reasons I Love Two-Lane Blacktop makes me want to even more!!

La Strada - BIG fan of this cover. Nicely done, great colours. Love the b&w with the red dot on the bottom image. It also helps that I think that Giulietta Masina is absolutely adorable in this film. This cover is a great reminder of that.

This site visit also reminded me that I need to buy the Criterion Bottle Rocket. Gotta round out the Criterion Wes Anderson collection.


Seriously, where the hell have I been? I've still been stockpiling stuff to share with all of you, of course, I just haven't been sharing them.

Like this awesome picture of a church with a light up sign. Love it.


Or, how would you like to see my favourite Nedroid comic in a while?

Pretty cute, eh?

Oh, and check this out, MOCA is going back to their 80's logo. Definitely a good call, always love a move like that (at least when your old logo is nice...)

I have looked at this Buzz Aldrin letterhead wayyy too many times. Partly because I think it is awesome, and partly because I had it marked unread to share, and so kept stumbling across it all the time.

Finally getting some things out of my Google Reader!

But stuff keeps piling up from all over!! For instance, I cam across I'm Comic Sans, Asshole thanks to Twitter, since I'm not all up on my McSweeneys Internet Tendency anymore.

It's a never-ending battle to keep up with neat things on the internet, and apparently I'm losing. I haven't even bothered to include pictures in my last two posts! What!?

To be truthful though, cool things on the internet aren't everything, so I'm actually pretty good overall. I think I've spent more time outside already this summer than I have in any summer since grade 8, and it's barely even started! Also, as of today, we've been homeowners for a year. Which is pretty awesome. And there's still projects in the works to tell you about sometime, whenever they get done.

So there you go, I haven't been here, but things are still good. And there's still plenty more stuff to come, either from my life, or my google reader, whenever the hell I get around to posting again.


At some point I really need to own something by Jay Ryan. I've definitely talked about him before on here. I love his work. Today I found myself looking at this one again. Not that I think I might buy it, but part of me is always drawn back to it, and I don't really know why. It make me both sad and happy. And the little guy on the front (a recurring character in his work) is just so cute. There's a lot going on there.
Looks like Southern Comfort is being re-branded, and it looks pretty nice! Scroll down and check out the 100-proof bottle. It's pretty for sure.
Check out this amazing office at Pixar. It looks amazing! It would be fun to work in I'm sure.
Here's a nice little video about billboard sign painters. Neat stuff. I do always love me a dying art.
Pooljumpers: Catchers of the Ball
No posts in awhile... Been on the internet less, in real life more. This one's been sitting here waiting to be posted since the 19th, so I thought I'd throw it up as is, before it sits any longer. Hopefully more to come soon-ish. Got a couple home projects I might have to share pictures of...
Annnnnnd, apparently I screwed something up and didn't post this on the 1st like I meant to. Go me. More to come soon, I promise. For realz this time. Just about to start a post. I swear!