So it's been awhile, but I still feel like I'm recovering from being away. In my real life there's been lots of work to do at work, plus ads to do for Starlight, and a few posters, and I'm doing some ad work for my sister. And, I became an "uncle" as Marc and Celene's kid got born (it's a girl! and her name is Clover! and she's adorable!) And then there was thanksgiving too! Oh, and I did the above to our car. First accident. Not fun. Still waiting on an estimate and whatnot. I didn't pay for the rental car coverage on my insurance, so now we're shelling out a bit of cash for a car during the week too.

In my internet life, visiting my google reader feels like a chore, somehow, even though I'm caught up to where I was. There also hasn't really been a lot that I've seen that I've been really excited about. Actually, the whole internet has felt kind of chore-y. I hate it when that happens.

So that's why I haven't posted in awhile. I just grabbed all of the pics off of the camera, and will start uploading a bunch to Flickr soon, so's y'all can see 'em. Hopefully things will mellow out soon and I'll feel like I actually have time to do that stuff.
Two things I have liked around the internet:
The new identity and products for 826 Valencia
The new macbook. (well, mostly the screen. I want that screen on my black macbook!)

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Anonymous said...

Yikes Jon! I'm glad you're okay from that accident.