Damn, I just googled my Dad's name and found out he's been blowing up the news since September! I guess he's started a monthly service that people are encouraged to bring their dogs to. Sounds like cool stuff. Here's a couple articles if you want to check it out:

Filling the Pews ... with Paws from the Montreal Gazette (this one seemed to get circulated on the wire)
Pet Value: Quebec church launches 'paws and pray' from the Anglican Journal
Montreal hot for jet-set pets from Canoe.ca (not just about his church, but mostly, and some good quotes, one of which contradicts one in another article! shocking!)

Things like this, and quotes like “I always like to push boundaries a little bit,’’ definitely make me proud of the guy, so I just had to share.

(Image from here)
Nancy Grows Up. Audio recordings of a girl growing up, reduced to just a little over 2 minutes. Heard this one on RadioLab, and had to find a version I could share. Very neat, and cute, and touching, and kind of sad in it's own way.
More people I know in the media: Ben Ong on Jimmy Fallon. When I saw Ben mention this on Facebook, I totally thought it was a joke. Turns out it's true! And awesome! Yay Ben!
Speaking of friends, Marc sent me this one, Bear Sleeping Bag. Crazy.

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