So I took a week off, and I fully intended to post numerous times during it, but then I mostly ended up ignoring my computer completely, which was pretty nice. The week featured Jane Bond disc golf, a picnic, rib/beer-fest and other things, as well as the beginning of a new project. Not bad.

Speaking of disc golf, I need to post a picture of the shirt design, and the special, limited-edition (10) disc golf sweat towels that I screened. That image up above is from the back of the shirt. Pretty happy with it.
I always waver between thinking Best Made Co. axes are awesome, and thinking they're ridiculously overpriced. I guess if people will pay it, then they aren't over-priced, and either way, I can't stop loving the look and idea of them (as you may have noticed...). Here's a pretty good article on the founder of the company. I really like this line about him, and definitely know the feeling: “Peter is like a regular guy with an eccentric way of thinking, and he’s interested in things that function. You know he loves a Shaker table. He probably loves a yellow pencil or a bar of Ivory soap or a paper clip or a well-designed tube of toothpaste. It’s all about stuff that’s what it is.” I think you could add 'stapler' into that statement pretty easily.
One of the cutest things I've seen on the internet in a while: Baby in a Watermelon. Thanks to Kaitlin for sharing that!
Love this shorpy image of an old bar. They make the colored entrance lettering so cheerful!
Did not know that this airplane rotary phone design was a Canadian design. That's something I would love to run into in a thrift store one day for sure.
Speaking of Canadian design, this Hush-Shak oil can is very high on my list of things to keep an eye out for. I've always mostly avoided looking at oil cans while shopping, so as not to get into them and want to collect them, but now I've got to look, in case this thing is hiding in there somewhere. At least I can limit it to just wanting this right now. So pretty. Amazing colours. So perfect.
Taking my dad to Hog Tails tomorrow, and taking my sister and he to try out disc golf at the arboretum on Wednesday. Definitely looking forward to both.

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