My 'bestie' Marc over at the Princess Cafe has scheduled a comedy night in September, and he asked me to put together a poster for him. A fun little project. Hopefully the night goes well and there will be more in the future.
Jenna and I went to Hamilton this weekend to visit the Beehive Collective's craft fair. It was pretty great. Lots of nice stuff on sale there. We bought a couple things from Jenna Rose, and some awesome Halifax-related prints from Chris Foster. Jenna has liked Jenna Rose's stuff for awhile now, and got me into it too, and Chris Foster was completely new to us, and an awesome surprise. I bought a hanky from Jenna Rose, and now I get what people have meant when they've said they don't want to blow their nose on my hanky's because they like them too much. It's super nice, and has bears (and other outdoor animals) on it!
The other highlight of our Hamilton trip was that I dropped off some of my handkerchiefs for consignment at White Elephant. White Elephant is an awesome shop, full of really nice stuff, so it's a total honour to have my stuff there. I hope Hamiltonians like them!

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