Honeymoon update 2. We're back home.

Some updated stats:
- weeks married - a few
- states travelled through - a bunch
- kilometers travelled - a lot (5000+ I think...)
- calories eaten - a disgusting amount
I had good intentions to keep people updated on here as we went along, however driving for a number of hours each day can be really tiring, and by the end of each day I really didn't want to do much except plan the next day and then go to bed.

Now I'm already back to work, and everything already seems far gone. Once I go through all the photos and get them up online, I'll re-cap it all for you. Suffice to say, it was an amazing trip. We made it all the way down to Savannah (which is an amazingly beautiful city and which I'm already itching to return to) and back. We went zip-lining, and rode roller-coasters (which I've long had a fear of); we swam in the ocean, and we hiked up a mountain; we looked at old houses, and stayed in a modern cabin (Lost River Modern, it's amazing); we spent time around thousands of tourists, and we spent time completely by ourselves. It was all over the map, literally and figuratively, and I'm so happy we went and did it.
Speaking of work, I forgot to share some more work I've done for Marc at the Princess Cafe recently.

While we were gone Marc had a crazy busy weekend. One part of it was having the 2nd Princess Cafe Comedy Night. I worked the poster into my busy pre-pre-wedding schedule, and am pretty pleased with it. I think Jenna suggested the vaudeville hook when I was working on the last Comedy Night poster, and I'm happy I decided to try it out for this one. Now I have to figure out what the microphone is going to do for the next one!

That same night, Marc also launched his new late-night grilled cheese stand called Cheeses Murphy. I crammed this work into my even busier pre-wedding schedule, and worked on edits on the road because I wanted to work on this project with him so badly. I'm mostly happy with how it turned out, but am glad he wants to make some changes to what's on the menu, because it gives me some more time to make a few changes to how the menu looks.

Since I don't really do illustrations Branko Vranic drew up Cheeses himself for Marc, and I set to work trying to put some things together that did the image justice. Luckily, Lost Type just released Oil Can not that long ago, and as soon as I saw where Branko had gone, I knew it would work perfectly (and I had been dying to use it!). Actually, every typeface used on the Cheeses work is from Lost Type. They are releasing some pretty great stuff over there.

Cheeses Murphy basically redresses the Princess Twin lobby for Marc to sell sandwiches out of, so he had me design up some big posters, as well as standard smaller menus, to give the place its look. After Jenna and I got home on Saturday night, we popped over there to check it out and I was really excited to see everything printed and up.

Oh, and the food is good too! Marc was working on his bacon jam recipe while we were gone, and it's pretty awesome. The Lumberjack is a great one too, hearty. Looks like there'll be some late-night snacking in my future, as I still have to try the rest of them!

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