December 8 will mark my third winter Stitch 'n' Kitsch show. I'm pretty excited about it, and am working on some new products to sell at it as well.

I'm also pretty excited about the advertising I created for this show. It started with the postcard, up above. I created it (okay, actually a variation of it...) back in Spring. I was pretty happy with it right away.

Since then we kind of locked down the "Stitch 'n' Kitsch' wordmark. I'd made a few variations using these two fonts, as they fit into things, but we wanted something that matched to go up on the website, so I created a 'final' version of it to use in everything.

From the start I knew that for posters I wanted to expand on the idea of the postcard. At one of our meetings, someone suggested that for posters around town, instead of doing 11x17 posters, we use less paper and make 5.5x17 posters, two on one sheet. Instead of just making one poster, and doubling it up on a sheet, I made it into two matching posters, with all the same content, but 2 different birds on each.
Lastly we decided to run a movie-sized poster in the lobby of the Princess Twin (who got a new website recently!). Since there's so much space on one of those, I brought everything back together in one place.
And that's the whole thing. For now at least. I had an idea to make cards, each with a different bird on it, but I doubt that would happen in time for the show, it's really soon! Now I need to get working on having enough product to sell, and to get thinking about the identity for spring show, so we can start promoting it at this one!

Hope to see you there!

If you want to see more pictures of what I've been working on lately, check out my flickr page, or my instagram page. (There's lots of puppy pictures on the instagram page too...

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