Day 1

I have to say, the eastern part of New York state is a lot nicer to drive through than the part I'm used to (Buffalo, are you surprised it's nicer?). The weather today was shit, so that picture up above isn't mine, but we did pass that place just before we hit Vermont. I stole the pic from someone on flickr, and you can see other pics of it (the whole buidling is totally awesome) if you go here. Oh, did I mention that's a dry cleaners?
So yeah, the weather today was, as I mentioned, shit. Which meant that as we were going up and down what I believe were the Appalachian mountains, where we should have gotten some awesome views, all we got were clouds. But actually, they were awesome in their own way, clinging to the trees, and hanging real low.
The day started in Syracuse at the Motel 6, moved on to the Bearatorium, a gift/candy shop in East Arlington Vermont where I bought a Maple Syrup Soda, and saw a Giant chocolate teddy bear.

From East Arlington, which is in the south east part of Vermont, we checked out some outlets, and then booked it north east to Woodstock, VT where everything was closed. It was a real nice down town, but I guess everything closed at 5 and we got there at 5:20.We did find an adorable place called Woodstock Coffee and Tea where I got a real tasty "Café Mexico" which kept me going.

The day is ending now, at a Best Western in South Burlington VT, nearly 600kms of driving after the day started.

It seems my trip odometer only goes to 1000kms, 'cause now it's just at 8.4... I guess I'll have to re-set it everyday and then add it all up later, because of course I want to know how far we go.
Tomorrow is Ben and Jerry's, and then, hopefully, the Great Vermont Corn Maze, weather permitting. Should be a lot less time driving, which will be nice, 'cause right now I'm spent.
Oh, and I need to find a full set of all of the icons they have on the signage for tourism info here in Vermont. They're super nice! The road signs themselves are black, with nice, clear (okay, not all of the time, a few of them confuse me) iconography that lets you know what which category the location your being directed to fits into. I'll try to show you soon.
Hopefully there'll be pictures to come. We should take more once it's nice out. I think right now we have maybe 5... Not sure if we have internet tomorrow or not. I hope we do! My google reader is at 68, and I don't think I can get through any of it right now!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jon & jenna:

You were only a couple of hours away in S. Burlington VT. hope weather improved for the maize maze.