Go out the window, we all go out the window

So it looks like my hopes of keeping this thing as nearly daily as possible have been shot through with some kind of large bullet. Or maybe it's with eating tacos and drinking on Tuesday AND Monday this week, lots of work, and my allergies laying into me hard core.

Highlights of this week include the aforementioned tacos and the aforementioned work, but only 'cause some of the work was on Monday where I spent the day working for the Starlight from home, and got a small taste of what it would be like to get to do that everyday, as I would like to. Lowlight: Allergies. Mad frustrating.
The image above is, of course, another beauty from Shorpy. The glow surrounding the building just takes me aback. So ethereal for lack of a better term. If you're not checking out Shorpy on a regular basis, what are you doing? Always makes me wish I could time travel (not like it's the only thing that does though...)
On another Shorpy note, I notified the fine folks over at the Ampersand blog about a Shorpy image with some fine ampersands on some old signs, and it got up on their site. Go check it out.
Draplin linked to this one referencing his hatred of graffiti. I'm linking to it referencing my love of graffiti. I think it's applicable to both. It's also just straight up awesome. Clever. Conscious. Crafty. Clean!
This here is a great little video (c/o House Industries) about the stupidity of english spelling. I'd never heard of Ed Rondthaler before this, and I'm glad I have now. According to wikipedia he's now 103 years young and still going. He was a paltry 102 when they filmed that video. Definitely someone I need to learn some more about.
And finally: a movie about Facebook? Whaaaa? (via Jeffrey Rowland, who is a comic (writing) genius)

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Anonymous said...

my allergies have been driving me nuts too. but only in the morning and at night.