Engaged, but not underage

So the above ad ran in the Princess film guide earlier this week, with positive results. I will hereafter refer to it as "the most important ad I will (likely) ever make". You may remember awhile back I mentioned making a big purchase, and well, the ring pictured up there is it. Pretty darn happy. Now there's just a ton of planning to do...
Here's a bit more about that Pepsi redesign. I guess they mailed out examples (old, current, and new), and a video posted, on that site there to "digital and social media influencers," which I can only assume is a fancy-pants term for bloggers and the like. Makes sense to me, since certain sites were already abuzz with the news...
An interesting project from NBC. They've gotten different recording artists to record "covers" of the NBC chime "jingle". There's a video on there of the Flaming Lips recording theirs. Of particular note is Mr. Coyne's double neck guitar that repurposes a guitar hero guitar neck into an actual way to make real noise. (via Draplin)
Here's a neat little desk that I am currently smitten with. I just love the way it keeps itself up.
Finally, I am madly in love with these bus passes from the 40's. They're just perfect. I really can't stop looking at them. Maybe a style to influence some wedding related paper ephemera? We'll see just what I'll get to get away with for that stuff. I particularly like 10, 1, 8, & 7. Wish there were some close ups...

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Maryrose said...

Yeah, I am so happy for you.



It was goog to see you last week.