The above image is stolen from Draplin. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Long time no post. No good reason why, except that sitting down to start a post keeps feeling daunting. Ridiculous, really.
I've long been pretty into materials related to the Canadian centennial, particularly the logo for it. When we go to antique stores, it's definitely one of the things I have an eye out for, though I don't think I've ever actually bought any of it yet. There's actually a house near to us that is #100 on its street, that has the centennial logo on the front of it. Clever.

Anyway, all this is to say; look at these amazing coasters. If I ever found these, I would pick them up in a second.
I think this is probably pretty obvious, but I have to say that I find axes to be a very appealing form.

This company
has gone and made them even more appealing, but made them far too expensive. But still, pretty. Could probably do something comparable for much less...

The first image I saw for them was the one on this page, and it sells them pretty well and hard.
Staying on the whole manly tool front, I am intrigued by this exercise idea. If I already owned a sledge hammer, I'd be starting on it already. As it is, going out to buy one just to throw it around for the sake of exercise that I might just give up on in no time anyway seems kind of ridiculous. We'll see though, we'll see. I really need to get on doing something...
Handheld NES. For realz.
The newest Tony Hawk game is going to be controlled using an actual board on the floor. I can't decide if this is cheesy/stupid/ridiculous or awesome. I guess I'll have to wait until it actually comes out and I get to try it. I am kind of looking forward to trying it, I can't lie.
If I knew where to buy this bread, I would buy it on adorable packaging alone. Can't beat the fact that it is Canadian either...

Let me know if you know where I can get it.
Speaking of Canadian: Canadian Barbie. How amazingly cliched!
Went to see Star Trek last night, which is pretty amazingly awesome. Can't wait for more to come from this whole new timeline they've created.

Seeing Simon Pegg who took the nerdy funny in the film, and then made it broadly funny, made me want to watch Spaced again. I recently gave the box set to my sister, but didn't get a copy for myself, so I had to find streaming copies of the episodes. Luckily I found all of season 1 here, and all of season 2 here.

If you haven't seen Spaced, you should go watch it.
As far as Beartato and Reginald go, I have to say this comic made my day, and more so. (literally, the day it first went up, I went back to it like 10 times, just because I think it's so adorably endearing.)

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