Disc golf was, not surprisingly, awesome. I would have already mentioned that, but things have been wicked busy around here. The image above is the shirt I designed for the day. It's a little different in real life, because it got printed on a black shirt, so all of the white was reversed, but you get the point. I was told to make it Jamaican themed, so Red Stripe it was!
I think that The Dieline is just about to cause someone to have a lot more business. They posted some work by Minneapolis based Neatly Trimmed Beard, which already sounds like a designer/company that I would like, and it's already hit multiple blogs. Seems like they don't have a site, but seriously, how could I not like this stuff?

Their quote about the Civilized stuff is just amazing: "We created the Civilized brand for a new microdistillery in northern Michigan. The concept is based on the woodland gentleman of yore; the sort of man who cut wood for a living and wrestled grizzlies for fun but still found time to wax his mustache and comb some pomade through his hair."

Yeah, that's right, you see how I would love them now. I need to see more!
I don't remember the last time I went to a show in Toronto, but it turns out I'm going to want to go there twice in September.

First I found out that Cymbals Eat Guitars are going to be playing on September 7. Awesome. Their album Why There are Mountains has been one of the most exciting things I've listened to in awhile.

And just now, while looking for a torrent of anything by Ganglians, who I've been wanting to hear for awhile, but haven't been able to find downloads of, and it turns out they're coming to Toronto on September 22 with Wavves. Wavves' album Wavvves (note the extra 'v') has been another big album for me lately. And though I haven't heard them the review I just read in Exclaim reffered to their sound as "pure naive headphone acid pop to drive to" and as taking "cues from surf rock, droning bedroom experiments and sublime chamber pop but sent through a grinder". Damn, that sounds good.

Unfortunately, September also equals gutting our kitchen, having walls built, having a new kitchen installed, my mom visiting, and 3 weddings. So I guess we'll see how my excitement now pans out then...
Well, I have more to say, and I've been wanting to post, but instead I really want to take this chance to do nothing for a bit. So that's what I'm going to do.

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