Listening to the CBC the other morning they were talking to the a county official about the idea of shrinking Flint Michigan. Sounds like a really interesting idea. It also sounds like Flint might be a place I want to visit before they do that, just to see all the abandoned houses. I've been mildly interested in the idea of abandoned houses/buildings/neighbourhoods for awhile now, but have never really checked any out. A couple summers ago I wanted to go looking for Ontario ghost towns (there are many), but then I found out that they weren't so much abandoned towns as just towns that are gone.

Speaking of abandoned houses and Michigan, this post here about Feral houses in Detroit has been making the rounds lately. Crazy, interesting stuff.

The idea of a road trip to Michigan has been discussed before, to check out the nice things highlighted in their amazing ad campaign, but I'd say if we went, I'd definitely want to make a stop to look at all of the decay along the way.
A quick poke around Sweet Juniper! (where the Feral houses post comes from) reveals many other fascinating examples of Detroit decay. Here's a quickly cobbled sampling:
A street where 60 of 66 homes are abandoned
An abandoned Zoo
An abandoned school (this one is especially good/bad as I was in awe at everything left behind, including student psych records, of students still in the system, with social security numbers listed. That's just not right, but would be interesting/terrifying to see/read)
As you may know, I am pretty excited about spectacle when it comes to my movie going experience (either that, or the most accurate reflection of how I feel life is, like Away We Go, which was amazing by the way). As such, the movies I have seen in the theatre most recently tend to be 3D (My Bloody Valentine, Coraline, Up) or IMAX (Watchmen).

Possibly breaking new ground to this end is XGames 3D. It could quite possibly be terrible, and totally not worth it. And, of course, there's the corporate aspect to the whole thing. But seriously, "extreme" sports in 3D? I definitely hope I'll get the chance to see this.
Here's a movie I'm going to have to see. (finally something design related in my blog!)
This is weird.

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