Still slogging through my google reader, catching up on posts I delayed reading/sharing during film guide time. So here's a bunch of things from different blogs that caught my interest, and have just been sitting there. Sorry for the ton o' links...
From BeardRevue:
Enter the Beard trailer - looks awesome!
Mustache Finger Once Removed - perfect combo of the moustache finger and the moustache on a stick.
Don't Worry, My Dad Has a Beard - I will need to get one of these once I have a kid...
From Uncrate:
Boomer 8N Tractor - If I needed a new tractor, I'd probably get this. New tractor, vintage vibe? Pretty great.
Devon Tread 1 Watch - If I could afford a $15,000 watch, I'd probably get this. AWESOME.
Lecia V-Lux 20 - If I could get a way overpriced camera, I'd probably get this. Nice.
Quadski - If I owned a cottage near a beach, I would totally get this.
iRetrofone - If I owned an iphone, I would definitely want this.
From Coudal:
Ephemicropolis - A city made out of staples. Neat.
Rock That Font - A blog about the typography used for album artwork. An immediate new addition to my reader.
Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms - Crazy.
Muppet Cupcakes - So cute!
From HighSnobiety:
Converse Japan May 2010 - Why does Japan get such great shoes? I want gingham purcells!
Annnnd that's all I have time to get through for now. Time to get ready for work, but there are still over 100 things waiting to be looked at!

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