How cute is a clothesline that comes out of a birdhouse, that goes with clothespins that look like birds that get stored inside the birdhouse? Super cute. How do I get one? (from Canadian Design Resource)
 I always love it when blogs I read feature things that I am kind of obsessed with, but don't really think that (very many) other people are. Case in point: the tent display at Canadian Tire.

Those mini tents pretty much make my day. Sometimes I go out of my way when in there just to go by and see them. That post sums it up nicely when it says "I was instantly drawn to this display. First by its cuteness, but then by its usability." I always want to own one of them. What I would do with it, I do not know, but you know me and wanting...
Here's a handy little chart that helps you to compare the differences between Akzidenz-Grotesk and the typefaces that came out of it.

Perhaps more importantly, here are some pages that talk about the differences between Helvetica, and its bastardization, Arial.
Lego disc golf.
What a weekend! Picked up Conan tickets, went to Ikea, played glow in the dark mini-golf, ate at Chili's, and that was just Saturday.
Tonight I start week 4 of Couch to 5k. A little nervous about it, but also looking forward to it. I think this week is when I move from walking most of the time, to jogging most of the time....

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