Apparently these have found their way out to invitees now, so I feel okay posting them here now. This is a wedding invitation that I put together recently for a friend of Celene's. Pretty happy with it. It's taking place at a family cottage/boathouse, so I thought it might be good to highlight the location. The picture is one the bride sent me of the location that I tweaked a little. The bird in the chair/bird image is based on the bird in the picture, and I gave the image a distressed look so it has a more personal/diy feel to it, like the bride and groom stamped each one themselves. It's not the invitation that I would make for my own wedding, but I think it suits the location well, and the bride seems very happy with it, so I'm happy.

The rsvp echoes the back of the invite:
I haven't done much of it, but I've really liked doing wedding related design, so if you know someone who's looking to get some invitations created for them, I would likely be interested! As long as they're looking for something at least a little different from normal that is...

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