A quick trip to the Criterion site today resulted, not surprisingly, in me looking at some very pretty dvd covers for a bit. Here are some highlights.

Stagecoach - I love pretty much everything about this cover. The colours are perfect. It's playful but not too playful, and the Criterion logo looks deliberately slightly offset to connote an older, imperfect printing style, which is a nice touch. Even though I've never seen this movie, I would put a poster version of this (sans the Criterion bar on the left) up on my walls for sure. It also makes me want to see the movie.

Make Way For Tomorrow - A Criterion cover by Seth? Awesome. If you have Seth create your book or dvd cover, I will want to consume the material inside. That's a sad but true fact. I take it as his personal endorsement. Should I?

Night Train to Munich - Like a vintage travel poster, but with terrifying action, and a subtle swastika. I wonder if this was created just for this cover, or was an original poster? Either way, I am impressed.

Two-Lane Blacktop - I know nothing about this film, but this cover, and the fact that it's a part of the collection, makes me want to see it. There's a whole lot of bad-ass going on on there. Okay, I just read the description, and now I definitely want to see it... Wow, Richard Linklater's Ten Reasons I Love Two-Lane Blacktop makes me want to even more!!

La Strada - BIG fan of this cover. Nicely done, great colours. Love the b&w with the red dot on the bottom image. It also helps that I think that Giulietta Masina is absolutely adorable in this film. This cover is a great reminder of that.

This site visit also reminded me that I need to buy the Criterion Bottle Rocket. Gotta round out the Criterion Wes Anderson collection.

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