It's been way too long since I've updated here. I've got a lot of things on my plate lately. I did finally get around to updating my gigposters page recently, but you've probably already seen most of it here.

I've also started using Pinterest. Some of what I would usually post on here (cool images, things I want to buy, etc) has ended up being dumped over there, so if you want to check out some neat stuff, you can check out my pinterest page.

The rest of my time keeps getting filled up by various things. This weekend, for example, was yard work, some custom printing, some freelance design, and planning a workshop with Love Made.

Lots of stuff on the agenda too. This blog may move onto an actual site at some point, once I get around to making it; there's a wedding to plan (with lots of printed materials to design!); and a bike to finish building (it's at a shop to be powder coated right now! Can't wait to get it back). So all that and more is what's up around here lately. Maybe I'll have some cool links for you to peruse soon...

Interesting fact: in the last month this blog has seen a lot of Google hits from the search words Diane Lane Outsiders, and various combinations of similar things. I cannot figure out why. I know I have mentioned her before, but there are a tonne of other things that come up first when you google that. Weird.

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