Marc booked his old friends Absolutely Free (formerly DD/MM/YYYY) to play at the Starlight on April 11, and I was pretty excited (and nervous, because they're awesome) to do a poster for the show. Then the second act fell through, just as another of Marc's old friends Leon was asking about getting a show for his new band Dusted. Dusted just happens to be a project of Leon (who has done some amazing work over the years) and Brian Borcherdt, from Holy Fuck (who I love), so the nervousness just rose. 

Not knowing Dusted or Rituals too well (but liking what I checked out), I focussed on what I would most want to do for Absolutely Free. I started thinking of how their music made me feel. What I kept coming back to was a feeling of unease, of not knowing what a song might do next. I wanted to create a poster that might impart a sense of unease itself. Optical illusions seemed the easiest way to do that. I chose to work with the type of illusion I did because it mostly moves when you're not looking directly at it, and doesn't when you are looking right at it. Makes me uneasy that's for sure.

I really liked the end result (which doesn't always happen, believe me!). I liked it so much, I made a lock screen for my phone out of the optical illusion part. Then I figured I'd share it, just in case anyone was interested, and an iphone version too, you can find them below.

Iphone 4 wallpaper (1280x1920/640x960)

Galaxy S2 wallpaper (960x1600/480x800) - click image for full size

One other thing, I recently (thanks to Chris Collins) quietly shifted bearface.ca over to being a half-populated (my fault) website with a link to my blog, rather than just my blog. I hope people like it, and it makes me seem a little more professional. Big thanks to Chris for that one, he's a great guy to know.

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