A little while back, Hilary approached me about doing some work for her place of business. That place of business happens to be the City of Kitchener, so of course I said yes right away. Obviously I also think Hilary is awesome, so that helped a little too.

What has ended up coming out of this is some of my favourite work I've done to date.
The City, via Hilary, has essentially let me create whatever I thought suited each of these posters, with a little guidance of course.
It's been a very satisfying project to work on, and I can't wait to see each element out in the wild. I really tried to make each have a bit of it's own personality, while still tying in with a greater whole.
I really hope that people like them, and that they help get people out to the awesome events that Hilary is facilitating in Downtown Kitchener. I've been proud of (almost) everything I've done, but there's a certain extra sort of pride that comes out of working for the city you live in. I really hope this ends up leading to further collaboration in the future.

There's still one more to come (the regular King Street Art Market), but I just can't sit on them any longer. I'm too excited, and just had to share the series as is!

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