Hungry like the wolf.

Still finding it hard to stay on top of things, but I think it'll ease up after this weekend, then maybe you'll hear more from me... Work is still film guide. Home is avoiding work, which doesn't really work when you do some of your work from home. This past weekend was the Zine Fair, plus DJ'ing, which equalled being at the Starlight from 10:30am to 3:30am, minus one hour for eating. that was a long day.

Speaking of this weeked, Friday night, Zombie Disco at the Jane Bond, you'd should be there. Oddly enough I've DJ'd Global Warming twice since returning from our trip, but it's been awhile since it was just Shane and I. Should be an awesome night. Prepare for some 80's & 90's hip hop, which is pretty much my bread and butter when it comes to trying to make people dance.
Here's something crazy. Apparently it was done for a Honda Civic ad that hasn't been released yet, likely because of some negative buzz that came from residents around the street in question. I can see the annoyance if you had to drive that stretch of road each day, but it's still an awesome idea.
On the design front, the Pepsi re-design is pretty big buzz in some places. I kind of like it, but in a lot of ways I really don't. Maybe we can chat about it sometime, if you follow these links and see what seems to be coming down the pipes from Pepsi's designers soon.
From the patent offices
Bottle Design?
Bad review! - the Sierra Mist logo you can see here is kind of weird, but kind of awesome, if you ask me. While I'm sure a lot of people won't like this about it, but I kind of like how it messes with my eyes. It sure looks misty though, you know?
Finally, this made my week. Gotta love a show that will take up over a minute of air time at the end of an episode to run a gag. Seriously, Jensen was supposed to get cued to sit up, and this is what happened when the cue didn't come. Pretty much my favourite show right now. Spooky and funny. So tongue-in-cheek. SO GOOD.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Zombie Disco! Come to my place around 8 if you want. Having people over for drinks and to get ready.