Charley Harper at Old Navy? A shopping trip this weekend yielded that surprise. You can bet I was excited to see him out in public more, even if it is at Old Navy. The printing on the t-shirts isn't very good, and all of the books and whatnot are cheaper on Amazon (what isn't?), but you have to assume that a lot more kids could end up learning their abc's from Charley's beautiful art now. We actually didn't buy any of it, due to the aforementioned better prices on Amazon, but still... What I did buy was this pretty great pair of pj pants.
Google is hosting the Life magazine photo archives, which is a pretty crazily large collection of some amazing photography (article about it). I haven't gotten a chance to look too much into it, but photos keep showing up in other places, like this great picture of the first enclosed shopping mall on Shorpy.
Did you know that the distinctive Coke bottle shape was designed by a Canadian? Neither did I. Okay, so technically he was an American living in Toronto, but you know, close. Anyway, box vox posted the original patent application for the bottle shape, which is kind of neat to see.
Some movies I'm looking forward to/hoping to get to see at some point:
The Brothers Bloom (Brick director Rian Johnson's new one)
Dear Zachary (I feel like I would likely cry through a good chunk of)
Beautiful Losers (I've mentioned this before, but I really want to see it!
I've got more stuff sitting in tabs I've been meaning to mention, but it's time for work!


Maryrose said...

I too was at Old Navy and picked up the colouring book and memory Game for Otis.

I am borowing the pic you used as I was just about to post about my purchase on Loopeeeee

Jon Johnson said...

Nice work Maryrose! It's funny, I dig the colouring book, but at the same time, it's very hard to imagine actually colouring it! It's so sparse!