Another busy feeling week. I'm trying to sleep more so that every week doesn't feel busy. I can't help but think that that's the reason for that. But then aside from making the above poster for Shane's pre family day night at Starlight, another poster, my ads, and regular work, I was also violently ill all night long after I got home from tacos on Tuesday. So you can see how my time kind of disappeared.

Some have asked whether said violently ill-ness will put me off tacos for a bit, to which I have resoundingly responded "No Way." Seriously, how many nights have I been there? And how many times have I been sick afterwards (without it being my own fault)? Answers: too many to count and one, respectively. I don't even know if it was the tacos that made me sick!

A couple extra projects lately, which are great to be getting 'cause they make a fella feel loved. A No Fest poster, which is getting good reviews, a logo for the "Sludge King" that's still in progress, and a likely t-shirt design to come.

Anyway, too much about me, not enough links, 'cause I've been building them up in my Google Reader to share, and now I guess I should...

Oh, one more personal thing: this Saturday is the first night of "Come Go With Me: Doo-Wop Hits with DJ Bearface!" First Saturday of the month for the next few months. Should be a good time.
This is pretty much my favourite thing that I have seen on the internet in a long time. SO GOOD. It also turned me on to Herb Lubalin as a whole, who, aside from having an awesome name, was also an amazing designer.
This Flickr set has been making the rounds as of late. Pretty awesome set as a whole, but the "I Can Read Movies" stuff is the best. Someone posted "Close Encounters..." in one of the blogs I read a couple weeks ago and I have not been able to stop looking at it, like, every day. SO GOOD. I'm pretty into the amazingness of lines lately (sounds ridiculous, I know...), and this one kills it.
So I thought I had more stuff to post, and I do, but I just realized that it all comes from one place. So this may cut this shorter, or it may not, but really, it should only tell you one thing, if you don't already, you should read Grain Edit. While some blogs may have minimal but awesome posts (like So Much Pileup), and some blogs may have a million posts with some hits here and there (like Design*Sponge), no blog has as many consistently awesome as Grain Edit.

Some recent highlights:

Puff - An amazing looking classic kids book. Grain Edit is also good for vintage kids stuff, and this one looks pretty amazing.

Max Dalton - Haven't had the time to get into any more of his work, but the picture in that post is so adorably awesome! Cancel that, after a quick visit to his site, it's all awesome!

Shining print - So simple, so good. Really boils it all down.

Eli, No! - Once again, I've only had the time to browse, and not read the text, but still, this is one of the prettiest looking kids books I've ever seen. Now I guess it just needs to get made into a physical stuff.

So there you go, read Grain Edit, see great stuff like that. Best internet advice I can give you.
The dark haired girl who sings in this this video was on Scrubs recently, singing this song with Ted, the awkward lawyer, and I loved it. This video, and the others by "Garfunkel and Oates" kind of (really) makes me want to learn to play the ukulele. It will be a short lived want, I know, but still, wouldn't it be great? I mean, just for how ridiculous I would look with a tiny little ukulele. Looks like they're pretty cheap too!
Well, it was past my (new) bedtime when I started this, and now my episode of Being Erica (5 eps. in and I can't decide if it's actually good or not) is almost done, so I guess it's really bedtime

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