Had a pretty great weekend that consisted of 3 days of antique markets. Spent about 1 hour on Friday at the St. Jacob's antique market (with its big sale!) before it closed on Friday, went back on Saturday to finish up in about another 2 hours, then went to the southworks one in Cambridge with JT's parents. Amongst other things I scored the above stapler (the Apsco A9), one of these pretty sweet salt and pepper shakers, and we started assembling a pyrex bowl set. Spent a lot of time looking at sets other people had put together, but realized we could get something where every bowl is in better shape, and is exactly the colour we want if we buy it all piece by piece (if possibly a little more expensive). Jenna has a radar for spotting pyrex bowls, even if they're hidden behind like 8 other things and she has to move something big to get to them. Impressive. She spotted my stapler too, after I had walked right past it.

Solid weekend.
Pretty badass shirt... Can only find a version for sale that I don't like nearly as much.
Also, we've started papercrafting. More on that another time.

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