Best.Stapleroftheweekpost.Ever. Yes, I do have a favourite stapler, and yes, that stapler is the Swingline Cub Plier. So good. The saddest thing about that post? The plier up above was apparently for sale on ebay (picture stolen from stapler of the week, stolen from the seller). But now it is sold. And I didn't buy it.

Do you see how perfect/beautiful/amazing/ahhhhh! that stapler is? I would have loved to own it. At least it finally prompted me to set it up so ebay sends me notifications anytime the keywords "swingline cub" come up.
Newsboy bot? Another adorable, adorable bot!
Dime bag quilt... An interesting re-use of garbage. Love the little story that goes along with it.
The Dieline has been posting some great stuff lately (often I skim packaging blogs, cause a lot of it deals with wine labels and the like, which I mostly could not care for), so here's a taste of what they're bringing.

- Foxglo lightbulb packaging. So amazing! If these beautiful packages can't get people to switch to eco-friendly bulbs, I don't know what will (okay, aside from not selling any other options...). Wish I was in Europe, so I could pick up one of these boxes, just to ogle it for a couple hours.

- Pepsi (and Mountain Dew) Throwback. On the heels of the whole big crazy (ugly) Pepsi redesign, comes Pepsi throwback, using an older logo, and being a special formulation with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. There's another logo that's popped up for it around, with a real classic logo, but I hope this more 80's version is the one that's really coming out. I hope this makes it to Canada...

- Retro-styled Cereal Boxes. Bringing 'em back! Good point that these aren't really being put out for the kids in the cereal ailse, but for the parents, but still, I'll be happy if I get to see them. Check out this Kix box! Beautiful (except that "retro t-shirt" bit tagged on there). Beautifully photographed too, looks real nice with that background colour...
Sorry for that wicked long last post. I just kept letting things pile up that I wanted to mention. And piling. And piling. If I could just get myself to post more, you'd hopefully get more stuff like this...

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