That up above is a little of the extra work I've put in recently. It's a little logo for my friend Dana's metal dj project Sludge King. He's got a couple metal mixes he's putting out there, so if you like heavy stuff, you should check them out. More stuff should be coming for Dana soon. (This will have links to Sludge King stuff eventually, I seem to have lost them, so check back if yer interested...)
On a personal note, things are a little slow around here due to some serious back pain I've been suffering. Midday Monday I got a lower back pang that has turned into me getting stabbing pains when I make certain movements. Not so pleasant. I actually went to a doctor (and found out I no longer have a family doctor, since I haven't been there in forever), which, for me, is a sign that it's pretty damn bad. Got some pills, and got to bring my work computer home and work on the film guide from home today though, which was pretty nice. It's going to mean that I won't be able to do something pretty important involving Jenna's family though, which has got me pretty down.
I think I may have a new favourite website: The Book Cover Archive

When I'm really honest with myself, I have to say that that would be my dream, designing book covers. I like posters, and I'm sure cd booklets would be great too, but book covers have to be my holy grail. Maybe it's just because that's what my hero Chip Kidd does, but the fact that he, and so many others, have impressed me so much with their covers, it's hard not to want to take a crack at that kind of canvas. So, if any of you have a book you need a cover designed for, hit me up.
More Chip Kidd!
I'm pretty sure I started drunkenly writing a post I never posted about how Lindsay gave me this book, and how I had just been reading it, and how I'd never wanted to climb into/hug a book more, and then I realized how ridiculous that sounded and decided not to post it. But then I thought about it and decided that, ridiculous as it may sound, I did feel that way, so I thought I'd mention it. So much work, and insight into the work. Such a good book!

And more!
Chip Kidd takes you on a tour of the New York Comic Con. Scroll down, there's a video down there.
Squirrel bot!! He's one of my favourite bots yet! The acorn for a heart totally makes it! He'd go real nice with my woodgrain bot, don't you think???
Foldable shoes? What!? What will they think of next???
Since subscribing to their feed, this is the best post I have seen on Inspiration Resource. Seriously, look at that first pic. When was that made? Are the Modern Woodmen the originators of the fist bump? This sounds like a group I need to look into.
Steve Zissou: Anne-Marie, do all the interns get Glocks?
Anne-Marie Sakowitz: No, they all share one.

If I were to carry a Glock, it would be this one, for sure.
This Swink promo piece is making the blog rounds, and I have to say, I would love to have one. Apparently you can order one from Swink for $12, but I'm afraid it will just sit around like the Hatch bird mobile I got for Jenna awhile back. Really really cool letterpress stuff, but do I need it? Will I use it? I guess I'll have to decide...
That sweet Swink piece was printed by Studio on Fire, who seem pretty freakin' awesome. They've got a pretty sweet blog showcasing their work (like this cute/clever baby announcement) called Beast Pieces that you should check out.

When the time comes I'd love to have do up our wedding invitations on a letterpress. I've heard a little rumour that maybe by that time my favourite local print shop might be able to help me in that regard. I'm not sure of that will be the case, but I will love it if it is.
Bigfoot vs. Bunyan. Awesome concept. Not positive if I love the final product or not though. I bet if Timber had come up with this idea and produced his own version, I'd have already bought it. As is, I'm still thinking about this one here.
Oh, and if you're not reading Meagan's new blog yet, then you should be. Lots of funny people on there. Lots and lots. Funny in that good, awkward, awesome way. Her article on Mondo about SF Comedy Fest was definitely jealousy inducing.
La Bamba's on the tv (as it often is) and Ritchie's just about to get on that fateful plane... 17 years old. 17. What a crash. Taking out Ritchie, the Big Bopper, and Buddy Holly. Crazy to think about.
This movie always makes me think about a few things:
a) Why do I remember seeing a movie with this much sex, violence, drinking, etc. at such a young age?
b) How many times did I see this movie as a kid? I feel like it was at least more than 6.
c) I think this movie and Back to the Future both play key roles in my current love of 50's and 60's hits (which I'll be dj'ing a full night of again at the Bond on March 7th, btw...)


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