So things have been wicked busy since my last post. Busy times at work, and lots to do at the house.

I've got some pictures I'd like to share, but I can't find the usb cord for the camera. Burn. At least one of them was taken at the Westvale community carnival tonight. How weird is it when you walk down your suburban street, and up a path to what is usually a large empty lawn, to find that that lawn is filled with a ferris wheel, go-gator, and tilt a whirl? Weird. But awesome.
I love the way lights photograph in old pictures. The halo/luminescent effect that they get due to the long exposure times is just amazing. This is quite the example, but it's almost too much.

This one's prettier though, and a nice example of how they can embellish an image.
Lindz posted about wanting to able to see this, and I couldn't agree more. I barely know anything about Banksy, but there are so many impressive things about him, such as the variety of his output, and the fact that he's a fairly famous artist, and people still do not know who he is.
Once this video hits about the mid-way point it goes from pretty great, to pretty awesome. Seriously, check it out.
Okay, I'm sure I have about 8 million other things to share in my google reader, but I've also got about 8 million things to do, but first I need to relax and sleep before I can do that. Most of this stuff was in a post I started earlier and finally now I'm posting. So that's it for now, but maybe I'll have something else to say soon. I can't even bother to find a picture to use...

(Okay, one last thing. Layer Tennis is almost up to the final match. The road to it has been awesome. Particularly this match. So awesome.)

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linds said...

That video is so cute. Reminds me of little Audrey..