We've finally figured out when Rogers typically airs Structures, which makes me very happy. Structures seems to me to be the only really good reason to watch our community television station. It's a show that explores older buildings in the region, discussing idiosyncrasies and histories of each house. I love this kind of stuff. Previous to recent days, I had only ever caught the same episode 3 times. Now I've seen 3 or 4!

Unfortunately they only seem to have made it for one season ('06-'07), and it's hosted by local radio personality Mark Payne, who I've never been a big fan of, but I think it's a great idea for a community station to discuss the history of the community.
Excitingly, while looking for more info on a house the show was just highlighting, I found this page. I'm definitely going to have to put some time into going through everything there.
Didn't know my love of Waterloo extended to being geekily excited about historical homes?
Knowing that now, can you bet that I'm excited about this?
In yet more local geeking out, I was recently excited to find out that Words Worth Books has a number of blogs. If you know other things about me, you might guess that Edge of Seventeen, with its focus on young adult fiction, is my favourite.
Okay, so I still have a large number of design stuff I want to share, but I've also been thinking about local things that excite me lately, so here's this post for you instead. I do love this area.
One more. Hilary, who was previously behind the local independent glossy magazine Qatalyst, has a new blog featuring her adventures around town. You can find it here.


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Hi! Thanks so much for the shout out and the comment!
So nice to get the support.

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!!! That's me that's ME!