Have I mentioned before how I love google? Right now I am loving google for google reader, and the ability it gives my friends to share things. My friends have good tastes, and read blogs that I don't. (that's not to say that the blogs I read are bad, please read those clauses as two seperate things.

Thanks to the wonder of sharing via google reader I now know about 2 things I may not have known about (I think both thanks to Josh Chong, so thanks Josh Chong!):

1. Seth has designed a float, and it, and the City of Dominion, will be on display at a gallery in St. Catherines. I've seen Dominion before, but Jenna hasn't, and I just finally made the time to read George Sprott (The cumbersome dimensions of the book have had me putting off reading it. Which is sad, really, because I do love the look and feel of the size of the book...), and would enjoy seeing the landmarks of the book in person again, as much as that can be accomplished by seeing carboard models of a fictional city. We kind of need to go to an Ikea anyway (so I can finally get some stuff on some walls, including some promotional materials from when I saw Dominion here), so maybe we'll combine the two and go. Kind of a long drive to see it, but if Jenna's up for it, I'm in!

2. Miranda July impersonates extras in classic movies. Now I'm not really a Miranda July fan, but the idea behind these pictures is hilarious, and the execution is really quite good too. The Grease one is probably my favourite.

So thank you google, and thank you Josh!
And sorry for all of the brackets in that first point. I just had a lot to say!


Josh said...

Happy! Thanks for the props!


I Like Jokes said...

I sincerely ask this out of curiosity and not disapproval: why aren't you a Miranda July fan? That surprised me for some reason.

Jon Johnson said...

Thanks for the links Josh!

As to Miranda July, I guess really I don't know too much about her, but I remember being disappointing by Me and You, which just didn't seem to live up to the hype, and then I haven't seen anything from her that impressed me since then, until these pictures... So maybe I just need more exposure, but then maybe I still wouldn't be a fan. Who knows?