That right there is what our kitchen looked like when we went to bed on Sunday. It's a little different now, but more or less the same. Actually, the opening the picture is looking through is now smaller, and arched on top. This is all moving towards new cabinets going in on Friday. Can't wait.
It seems to me that whenever I see the American version of a book cover, and the UK version, I always prefer the UK edition. What's with that? Why do they get better, punchier covers?

A prime example is the book that I generally refer to as my favourite, Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem.
Here's the North American cover.
And here's the UK. (the circle is actually a cut out hole, by the way)

Thankfully I own the UK version, and actually, if I had never seen it, I might not have ever read the book. The cover totally drew me in. Why wasn't this the NA cover as well though? It could have reached more readers perhaps, although maybe it also would have turned more away...

I'd love to own this orange version of it too (did I mention I do own both of the other covers? The NA version is my reading/loaning copy now, saving the UK version from any more wear). Oh, there's also this cover, which I kind of want at some point to complete the collection.

I'm thinking about this today because I just saw the covers for Lethem's latest, Chronic City:
North American. Boring.
UK. Awesome. The colours are even fluorescent! (which won't display on a computer, sadly)

Seriously! What's up with this?
Sometimes, when a new comic from A Softer World shows up in my reader, I wonder 'Why do I keep reading A Softer World?' This was not one of those times. Sometimes, they hit it right on, and that is why I keep reading it.
Jenna sent me this one: Sesame Street does Mad Men. I do love my muppets.
Along those lines, and more from the WTWTA blog, here's a magazine I wish was still being made. Those covers are pretty amazing. Actually, it looks like every cover can be found here. Definitely something to keep an eye out for back issues of. Or even this.

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