Bears everywhere!

Oso Ice Cream
. Cute bear in a scarf!

Bear family! From the cover of a 1966 Eddie Bauer catalog discussed on ACL.
Speaking of bears (when am I not speaking of bears?), have I mentioned Message to Bears yet? EP 1 has been a go to pick for me when I've been listening to music for the last couple months or so. I don't remember where I first heard it, but I clearly checked him out based on name alone, and was definitely not disappointed.

My top recommedation? Found and You're Safe. Or maybe Swim. It seems you may be able to (illegally) download all of his stuff here. I had no idea there was a split release, so I'll be grabbing that for sure. More music, and potentially another band to get into? Yes, please.
I generally find it pretty interesting when people do photo-a-day projects. This is the most comprehensive one I've ever heard of. March 31, 1979 - October 25, 1997. Damn.
How is The Big Lebowski not on this list of Jeff Bridges' best films? Unacceptable.
Pterodactyls are pterrifying. I'm sure Eileen would agree.


Eileen said...

eek! jon i do agree!

Jon Johnson said...

I knew you would!

Anonymous said...

i did not even bother reading the list of JB films due to the fact that lebowski was not on it. clearly not a credible source.