That's a lot of tree! Seriously, how could those two horses pull all of that weight? Impressed. Well, impressed, and feeling kind of bad for them. Awesome image though. Thanks once again Shorpy!
To continue to the thread of awesome (and overpriced) shelves from two posts ago, these tetris shelves are awesome. Seriously, awesome. And expensive! $2630? Ridiculous! Plus $150 freight charge? Yipes!

I did find a price on the triangle shelf from the other day too... $3500... Yipes!!!
These Converse First String chucks have popped up a few times in my google reader. The more I look at them, the more I would LOVE a pair of the grey ones. Subtle changes from the regular chucks, but so nicely executed. I'm sure they'll be pretty far out of my price range though...

Speaking of Converse, check out this 1928 Converse letterhead. Neat.
Bacon potato chips? I am kind of tempted to order some of these. They DO combine two of my favourite things...
As you may or may not know, I have been using self-made duct tape wallets since about grade 10 when I sat down and made a copy of my old wallet. Using the same design, I've made a lot of wallets over the years, for myself, family, and people who have bought them from me. It's something I've always been kind of proud of, and extended to foam padded ipod and laptop cases for myself.

I'm verging on being a traitor to myself though, because I really like the look of this wallet. If it wasn't $29, I'd have already bought it. Inner conflict is brewing on this one for sure, both on the pride and on the price. (I know it's not really all that pricey, but when your wallet budget has been $0 for 14 years, any amount is a big change!)

This all comes out of Jenna pointing this bag out to me. Which is a pretty tempting purchase too, but again, the price is currently holding me back.

This mini wallet is really cute too! Such great fabrics over there!


stash said...

Dude, after 14 free years it could be there perfect time to splurge on the coolest wallet!

Thanks for mentioning Stash:)

Jon Johnson said...

Good point!
I think I'm leaning towards a new bag though.
I may have to send you a message soon, as I have a small request.
Thanks for coming by!