Getting close to dropping my total unread in my reader to under 50. Close, but not there yet. Here's two items that have been sitting in there for awhile, waiting to be shared. Both a glut of pretty stuff from Lovely Package:

Vintage matchbox lables - That's where the hedgehog/porcupine up top comes from, not surprisingly. Lots of good stuff in there. Love the radio, and the socks & scarf.

Vintage Paul Rand packaging -  Love that first box design, and all of the rest of it too, of course.
Here's one from the dieline that I've been meaning to show you for awhile too:
Studio Spotlight: ilovedust. Their Country Cider packaging is really cute, and the Quality Meats promo piece looks awesome.
If you haven't noticed before, I'm pretty fond of pedal cars. This one here is pretty awesome, but at $2000, and looking that pretty, would you really want to let your kid drive around in it? They would look pretty suave though...
The office supply store that time forgot on ACL. How much would I like to go there? How many vintage staplers still in their original packaging do you think are in there? Damn.
I am already very excited for this movie, and I'm sure it's still a long time coming. Looks awesome though.

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