Seriously, where the hell have I been? I've still been stockpiling stuff to share with all of you, of course, I just haven't been sharing them.

Like this awesome picture of a church with a light up sign. Love it.


Or, how would you like to see my favourite Nedroid comic in a while?

Pretty cute, eh?

Oh, and check this out, MOCA is going back to their 80's logo. Definitely a good call, always love a move like that (at least when your old logo is nice...)

I have looked at this Buzz Aldrin letterhead wayyy too many times. Partly because I think it is awesome, and partly because I had it marked unread to share, and so kept stumbling across it all the time.

Finally getting some things out of my Google Reader!

But stuff keeps piling up from all over!! For instance, I cam across I'm Comic Sans, Asshole thanks to Twitter, since I'm not all up on my McSweeneys Internet Tendency anymore.

It's a never-ending battle to keep up with neat things on the internet, and apparently I'm losing. I haven't even bothered to include pictures in my last two posts! What!?

To be truthful though, cool things on the internet aren't everything, so I'm actually pretty good overall. I think I've spent more time outside already this summer than I have in any summer since grade 8, and it's barely even started! Also, as of today, we've been homeowners for a year. Which is pretty awesome. And there's still projects in the works to tell you about sometime, whenever they get done.

So there you go, I haven't been here, but things are still good. And there's still plenty more stuff to come, either from my life, or my google reader, whenever the hell I get around to posting again.

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linds said...

I feel like I've seen that church before and I instantly knew it was in NYC before I read the caption below. It's pretty awesome when old churches have neon signs.