Do Work!

Been watching Top Chef lately with Jenna (don't read too much of the entry if you're interested in the show, it might give away the winner, I'm not sure). A pretty good show, but it's still sometimes one of those shows that I like, but never really feel like watching until it's on.

The sweet logo above is the logo for one of the chefs' home restaurant. I often wonder when watching shows like that, or like Hells Kitchen, or what have you, just where these people come from. If they're an executive chef, wouldn't be interesting to see their menu? I think so. And if you do too, check out Good Stuff Eatery's website. Definitely a place I could see myself eating were I nearby. Classy diner food. If the interior design is anything like the graphic design, I'm pretty sure I'd feel pretty comfortable too. (via death by kerning)
Haven't had the time to get into this yet, (had to work for Starlight when I got home from work) but I'm loving the Archie look. And lord knows I love a good re-imaging of classic stories, particularly when they involve the bible. I hope it doesn't disappoint. (via butternutsquash)
Definitely intrigued by Oliver Stone's new one. The imdb boards are rife with people talking about how he sucks now, and how this is going to suck, and yadda yadda yadda, suck suck suck, but then the imdb boards are always full of shit (though you will notice that that will never stop me from reading them, even if I always disagree with the "this person looks like____" thread, 'cause there's always someone who the person clearly looks like who never gets mentioned). edit: In french speaking countries, will they call this movie "double vé"? I think I'll have to walk into the theatre and ask for "Dubya."
If you get Rogers on Demand (or any other on demand service that carries MTV...) go to MTV2 and watch season 3 episode of 5 of Rob & Big. Rob sets 22 Guinness World Records in one day, and Big sets 2 (*spoiler!* most bananas peeled and eaten in 1 minute, and most sugar donuts eaten in 3 minutes). Ignoring the fact that I think that the two of them so cute and wicked hilarious together, it's a pretty impressive ep.
Jenna's kicking some ass at Circus Atari beside me right now, so I better go and practice up.


Anonymous said...

oh my god, the imdb boards are the WORST. So totally full of shit. But they're the message board equivalent to a car accident on the side of ther road.


Jon Johnson said...

Total "Car Accident" situation there, for me, especially in the "it's just so gruesome, that I have to look" factor. Sometimes I scroll there first when I go to an imdb page. Sad, no?