Oh, taco tuesday. Both renowned and reviled as "my favourite day of the week." Looks like a great day out for patio sitting and beer sipping though. And what day isn't a good day for tacos?

<< This, of course, is a costume that I think I need, or at least to make my own variation on. Marc and I discussed a whole set: Taco, ramekin of sour cream, ramekin of salsa, bottle of hot sauce. That would be awesome.
Here's a movie I've got to tell John to try and get. That's if/when it gets Canadian theatrical distribution. Great collection of artists in that one. The trailer's on the main page, so be sure to check it out. (via Wooster Collective)
Jenna had a good point last night, I totally have to stop looking at t-shirts on the internet that I could totally make myself, and get back into totally making t-shirts myself. It's not even that I don't have the ideas, it's just the straight laziness and not wanting to do more work when I'm done work. That's something I need to work on...
This is a pretty great shirt from Threadless that I could not make myself, and wouldn't mind owning though.
And finally, a big thanks to AceJet170 for talking about Mike Reed yesterday. A quick glance through Mr. Reed's site, and particularly his miscellany resulted in seeing a ton of cool stuff. Like this, which describes how a Large Hadron Collider works via hip hop. And he's super nice too! Apparently there will soon be one of these in the mail for me. Looking forward to getting that one, and you can believe you'll hear about it when I do.

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