What a fine set of wheels! That right there is circa 1920, via Shorpy, which , if you've never been heard of it, is "The 100 Year-Old Photo Blog." It's chock full of amazing pictures from days gone by. Some are user submitted, and some are from national archives. My favourite photographer on the site? Jack Delano. Hands down.
(Not sure where I first heard about Shorpy. I'm betting Draplin.)
I can't ever find Readymade at the Zehrs near my house anymore, and I always forget to go elsewhere to pick it up, but I was pleased when I grabbed it this week and saw there was a feature about Somthing's Hiding in Here's super cute apartment.
Some real nice things from Grain Edit today:
M is for Modern: Alphabet Flashcards - really nice stuff. Yes, yet another thing I wouldn't mind owning.
So Much Pileup - A new blog by one of the guys behind Burlesque of North America. Definitely immediately subscribed to that one and am eagerly awaiting future posts.
Something I kind of forgot about until a conversation with Josh last night: In car turntables. And, a slot loading one. Genius, those.


Nightjar Books said...

I love love Something's Hiding in Here!! There work is incredible!!! I will have to check out Readymade!

Jon Johnson said...

I love them too! I bought Jenna one of their "Nuts About You" sets 'round christmas time.