I totally forgot about this marketing campaign until about a week ago, but I love it. I've even kept the two newspaper ads I've found (one from over a year ago), and wish there was a way to see everything they've put out. Seems that guy's always up to something new. And the advertising works! On me at least, the next time I go to Halifax I might have to fly Porter to see if that adorable Raccoon pops up anywhere else.
Always cool to see the apartment/studios of people you find interesting. Grain Edit's studio just got covered by More Ways to Waste Your Time (with a name like that, there's a blog I've gotta be checking out...). Inspiring, and a little disheartening. I'll never have a place as beautiful as this, or Something's Hiding in Here's studio.
But then, at the same time, it is a little heartening that Sweathog Living has popped up. And nice to know that one of the House Industries folks is writing for them too. So not all design related people live in bright, clean, modern homes. Me, I'd like to sit right in the middle between Sweathog, and Mid-Century Modern. Maybe it's more that I'd love to live the Mid-Century Modern life, but my tendencies will never allow that beautiful clean and sparseness.

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