I'm not really one to order prints (for a variety of reasons that include knowing Jenna already has a tonne, not knowing how/when/where I will display them and the fact that I have a tonne of showposters around [would it be inappropriate to put my own work up on my own walls?]), but Jenna sent me the one above, and after staring at it over and over again, I just had to have it.

You know what did it? Values • Integrity • Pickles. I don't even like pickles and I have to say that's a killer platform to run on. I mean, I love the mayor, but that part killed it for me. Must have. (honestly though, it came the other day, and I was a little disappointed to find that it's printed on glossy paper. Not a big fan of glossy.)

Another quick etsy gem for you: Kern ring set. Pretty great.
I've recently gotten into a new webcomic whose characters, I think, would be the perfect companions for my absolute favourite webcomic characters of Glasses and Suspenders from Patches.

Meet Reginald and Beartato. That one just killed me. Even the title is perfect. Think about that.

So tragi-dorable. (I think I just made that up, and I think it's a pretty good description of many things I love, like the Patches guys and, obviously, Grumpy bear). Like tragi-comic, but, you know, tragic and adorable. Killer combination.

Adorable little Beartato poem. I love his commentary. That's the way tragi-dorable animals talk in my head too.

Welcome to the Back to the Future section of this post.
Here you will find:
An awesome model of the DeLorean. Awesome.
A skateboard whose graphics are based on the hoverboard graphics. Pretty awesome.

Thus concludes the Back to the Future section of this post.
Teddy bear natural history.

I am loving these imagined teddy bear skulls. So cute, and macabre. I love this concept so much. Her sketches in which she takes the bear and then imagines what the bone structure of that given bear would be like before she crafts the skull were enlightening.

Seriously, I would love to own one of those. Probably this one, or this one.

Did you notice that they are needle felted?

(Did I find those while looking for a bear skull shape to use while drawing bear skull and crossbones to go on teddy bear pirate hats? Maybe. Will you see the adorable pictures I took after crafting them? Probably not.)

Did you know that there are about 8 million Ukulele song covers on YouTube? I found that out recently, and will now share some with you:
Sleepwalk - really great version.
Sleepwalk - pretty good version. (I absolutely love Sleepwalk these days, and as a result, Sleepwalking has also become my favourite Modest Mouse song of late)
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - One of the only newer Death Cab songs that I really like. Nice cover.
Such Great Heights - Found this while looking for a cover of the Iron and Wine version to learn. This one was pretty impressive. I still would rather learn the I&W version though, I think.
Baby Got Back - Just for some ridiculousness (okay, it's also a song I love...)

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