It is Layer tennis day!!!! Armin Vit runs one of my favourite blogs, Brand New.
Two years ago he played Marian Bantjes in an awesome match which I totally forgot about, but which was great: http://layertennis.com/071102/
Even the opening commentary for today is great, here's a snippet: "Prior to today's competition, we flipped a coin, not for any particular reason. Then, about an hour later, we flipped a coin to determine who would go first in today's match, and Mr. Vit won."

(If you don't know, Layer Tennis pits two graphic designers against one another, volleying images back and forth every 15 minutes. It is officially recommended viewing every Friday. Get a season pass and they'll even remind you about it every week.)
More stuff about other things to come later today, which I was already planning to do, but I got real excited about this one, so I thought I'd say something.

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