Jenna and I went to Collingwood last weekend, and we got to drive through the Melancthon EcoPower Centre. Exciting. According to this list on Wikipedia, it seems to be the biggest wind farm in Canada. I do love me a wind turbine. Someday I really want to see one of those tightly packed desert ones.
Ever since I first saw one of their ads in the paper (I cut it out, and I think I still have it...) I have been in love with the Porter Airlines identity. Turns out other people are too! I was super excited to see one of the primary people behind creating that identity got interviewed on Design Sponge. Turns out the guy is only a year older than me! But at least he seems to love the raccoon in the ads, and the things he gets up to as much or more than I do. Seems to really appreciate what he's involved in, you know? Anyway, interesting interview, with lots of great ads I haven't seen before. What a treat!
Mario Bros. on the theremin!

Which reminds me, we also saw Video Games Live! last weekend, which was pretty cool. What wasn't cool were the kids behind us who WOULD NOT SHUT UP THE WHOLE TIME. Seriously. And it's not like they were saying anything interesting, just "I have that game," and descriptions of what happens in said game. Their loud, shrill voices just cut through everything and really took away from my enjoyment of the night. Grrr.
Speaking of Armin Vit earlier, here's something great off of his site, Brand New: the new Hudson's Bay Co. logo. I love it. The revamped coat, bringing back the boldness of the lines that are so prominent in thier history, and became so lost in the old logo, the typface, the return to the full name vs. HBC. All of it, great.
Aside from my obvious love for the staplers, one of the things I love about Stapler of the Week is the writing/mentality of blogger Chad Lemke . Here's a nice little gem from this week's post: '"It may be foolish to wonder at who or what vocation this design was aimed, but it's what I think about in my spare moments. I'm always asking the question, "What would you fasten with this stapler?"' I just love the way he looks at these things. One of the best blogs around.
The evolution of the Batman logo. Nice.
A new site to be pumped about: The Art of Manliness. Lookin' good. Excited to get more into it.
Saw Coraline in 3d last night. Awesome.
Seeing Watchmen in IMAX on Sunday. Excited.

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Lindsay said...

Those desert wind farms with thousands of turbines in the valley of a mountain are kinda surreal. I remember being completely blown away by them while driving to Coachella a few years back.