Today's the big day. Well, tomorrow's the big day, since I haven't gone to sleep yet. Can't wait to get the keys and get in there. Lots of things to do. Paint colours to choose. Appliances large and small to buy. Things to learn. Can't wait.

Pictures to come for sure. Stressed out times to come for sure too...

On to other things for now though...
Loving this skateboard. Habitat's always done nice stuff, but putting Charley Harper on a deck? nice work. There's other ones too, check 'em out here.
Recently I noticed that the building that housed Byma's Tire & Auto in the Bridgeport plaza was being torn down. This got me really worried about the beautiful large Firestone sign that has sat on the outskirts of the parking lot on Bridgeport for as long as I can remember.

Turns out my worries were warranted. Before I even got out to take some photographs to document its existence, the sign has been removed. What a shame. I just looked up Byma's online and it turns out they have simply moved, not folded, so now my only hope is that the sign is moving with them to their new home. I've emailed them to find out if that is the case. Failing that, maybe they can tell me where it has gone so I can go take pictures of it.

This is just one of those things that makes me sad. It's just a damn shame to see the nice things go, while crap keeps going up. Draplin sums this kind of thing all up very nicely here.
Here's some real gorgeous business cards. Not surpisingly made by Studio on Fire, and not surprising made for Space 150.

Amazingly, Space 150 completely redesigns their design identity every 150 days. Completely. Like, letterheads, everything. Every 150 days. That's huge. Major commitment there. Just imagine the expenditure even...

Check out more of the stuff Studio on Fire has done for them here.
In movie watching news. DO NOT watch S. Darko. Terrible.
I feel like I had more to say, but I guess not. Too many other things to think about I think.


Maryrose said...


It is beautiful. I hope the Headaches are few. How old is it.

I Like Jokes said...

Jon, that's incredible!! Congratulations!! Where is it? The house looks familiar, but I can't place it.

Jon Johnson said...

Thanks guys!!

It was built in 1947. Owned by one family since then!!

It's on Ahrens near Weber & Union.

So excited!

Anonymous said...

You are so grown up!

-your pal cass

Anonymous said...

you're posters are rocking.
you rock.

rock on.


Anonymous said...

pps: (and not annoying at all)

*YOUR posters. not you're.