As you may or may not have heard, Kate McGarrigle died yesterday. I'm not going to pretend like I was a big fan or something, but I will say that I think that the amount of times that I saw The Log Driver's Waltz as a kid has to have had an impact on both my love of things lumberjack and birling related, and my love for and appreciation of the NFB. Two pretty big things, if you ask me. So have a watch, and appreciate it. I do love their voices. Maybe now is the time to finally get around to listening to more?
Speaking of the NFB, I think I need to order this shirt, since they have it on black now...
Crazy concept furniture. Seriously crazy. But awesome. I know I'd like to hit a big cube of metal into a chair...
Lego guitar. Nice. If only the neck would hold under the tension of the strings...
Fischer Price Merry Mutt. SO CUTE. Jenna sent me this one and I love it! Such a scrappy looking little pup-dog! If only he wasn't so expensive...
It's been awhile since I've posted pictures from Shorpy. I recently re-read Time and Again, in which the protagonist travels back in time to New York in the 1880's. I love the book for how jealous it makes me of him. Recently there's been a spate of NY in the early 1900's on Shorpy, and I really wish I could jump into them. Check 'em out:
Flatiron Rising: 1902
Brooklyn Terminal: 1903
The Bowery: 1900
Death Star: 1902

This one I meant to share before Christmas: Toy Story: 1923. How did we get from that crazy tree shape to what we favour now?

Don't forget to click 'view full size' to really get in there on some of them. Check the signage in the background at the terminal for one. "Carters Little Liver Pills" is a nice one. So is the half covered part of the Quaker Oats sign that declares it as an option "Instead of Meat."

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